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Dual 1080P Car DVR - Wide Angle Front & Cabin View, Night Vision

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High-Definition 1080P Recording

Capture every moment in stunning clarity with the Car DVR's high-definition 1080P recording. From road signs to license plates, every detail is preserved with crystal-clear precision, providing you with invaluable evidence if needed.

Night Vision Capability for Low-Light Conditions

Wide-Angle Lens for Broader Road View

Intelligent G-Sensor for Automatic Collision Protection

Never let low-light conditions compromise your safety. The Car DVR's night vision capabilities ensure clear footage even in the darkest environments, keeping you prepared for any situation.

Expand your field of view with the Car DVR's impressive 170-degree wide-angle lens. This broader coverage ensures you never miss a crucial detail on the road, enhancing your driving safety and giving you a comprehensive record of your journey.

Stay protected with the intelligent G-sensor, which automatically locks and saves footage in the event of a collision, ensuring vital evidence is preserved.

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