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5D Simulate Human Hand Grasping and Kneading Neck Headrest Back Massager

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💆‍♀️ Trapezius Massager for Neck & Shoulders

🌀 Upgraded Human-Hands Kneading Technology

⚙️ 2 Modes, 2 Gears for Customized Massage

🔥 Upgraded Large Area Hot Compress

🔀 Retractable Strap & Back Buckle Design

Color: White


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"it is not my first neck massager, but the first one that have two little extensions to massage the back. and i am telling you, this one is really really great. very comfortable, also, its wireless. very happy with this neck massager"

Sylvia Verified Buyer

Wireless Neck & Shoulder Kneading Massager for Targeted Relief

Experience the ultimate in targeted relief with our wireless neck and shoulder kneading massager. Designed to knead and soothe your neck, shoulders, and trapezius muscles, this massager offers a convenient and unrestricted massage experience.

The trapezius massager feature is designed to specifically target the neck, shoulders, and trapezius muscles, providing targeted relief from tension and muscle stiffness. Six claws and two sets of 3D massage heads deliver a deep, invigorating massage.

Our upgraded human-hands kneading technology simulates the sensation of a professional masseur, alternating grasping, pinching, and kneading motions. This deep, restorative massage effectively relieves discomfort caused by prolonged slouching or poor posture.

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Unlock profound relaxation with the 2-gear warm compress. Its stable and cozy heating enhances massage efficacy, swiftly melting away neck tension for ultimate rejuvenation.

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This is a very comfortable neck massager. Really cool that it has a buckle to connect the straps and wear the massager hands free and carry out other activities like continue my work, attend meetings, doing garden work and so on. The little “hands” it has given a very human like massage that gets deeps into your shoulders and neck.

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  • Material: PU leather

  • Timing time: 10 minutes

  • Rated voltage: 5V

  • Rated power: 26W

  • Battery capacity: 2000mAh

  • Charging time: 3 hours

  • Using time: 7-8 times for 10 minutes each time

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